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.It has long been hailed as a nourishing dish in the southern metropolis, mixed with Chinese herbs.As a way to attract custo▓mers, some restaurants offer cooked dog meat for 76 yuan per kilogram, and diners can even take away raw dog m▓eat by paying 40 yuan per kilogram, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported Tuesday.Consumption of dog meat is al▓so common among the Korean minority in China. In Yanbian, ▓some restaurants on major streets can be seen flashing ▓b

illboards advertising "yummy dog meat."Ge Rui, Asia's regional director for the International Fund for ▓Animal Welfare, who has made public calls for an anti-ani▓mal-cruelty law since 1998, insisted that punishing anima▓l eaters won't harm people's basic interests in the long run."No research can prove that the meat of d▓og and cat contains higher nutrition. People have been suff▓ering a lot for randomly eating animals. No one can ▓guarantee that the infectious diseases in cats and dog▓s will never be transmitted to human

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beings," Ge tol▓d the Global Times.A Hubei resident named Xiao Tiantian is ▓also outspoken against eating dog meat, especially since his pet dog was stolen."My dog must have become a vic▓tim of the notorious dog-meat consumption habit in Guangdong," Xiao said. "The habit has boosted

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the business of ▓cashing in on cats and dogs, leading many locals to illeg▓ally catch and ship them to Guangdong in cages. I can't accept that."Not everyone is in favor of the ban, though. Dog and cat meat has been consumed for so long be

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cause they have their share of fans."If we should ban eating dogs, why not ban eating pork and beef? Securin▓g the lives of many poor people now is much more importa▓nt and urgent," argued Du Quanbin, from Beijing.The manager of Caiji Dog Meat Restaurant in Guangzhou was de

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dog meat in Chi na is believed to dat▓e back thousands of years. The meat is considered by some ▓to have medicinal properties, a s well as warming the body in  winter m onths.Dog an d cat meat are espec ially popular in p arts of China such a s Guangdong and Gu angxi in the sou▓ th, as well as the Yanbi an Korean Autonomo us Prefectur 镇雄县wap 孟州市5G 郁南县wap 弥勒县5G 山东省wap 信宜市wap 澄江县wap 淮安市5G 岱山县wap 大理市5G 建始县wap 涟水县5G 昭觉县wap 汝城县wap 大关县5G 霞浦县wap 黔西南布依族苗族自治州5G 融水苗族自治县wap 大田县wap 高安市5G 传奇私服1.85热血 新开1.76复古传奇私服网站 传奇私服打金是什么意思 传奇私服外网架设视频 传奇私服sf123 战将神途传奇私服网 新开迷失传奇私服网站 东北网通传奇私服 求传奇私服免费外挂 最新传奇私服开服表